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Bottle Mould

These systems are extremely versatile and can produce a wide range of standard and customized containers: lightweight bottles for standard or hot fill use, ultra-clean or aseptic bottles, pasteurizable containers, warm filled bottles, wide mouth jars, round or square-shaped bottles with capacities up to 30 liters, oval, asymmetric or tailor-made containers. A comprehensive, competitive range that makes ECS machines a sure answer to a wide variety of requirements.
✔ High production outputs:
✔ up to 36,000 b/h for standard bottles
✔ up to 30,000 b/h for hot fill bottles
✔ up to 13,500 b/h for wide mouth jars with 73mm neck diameter
✔ Lower production costs (no preforms handling/storage and single heating cycle)
✔ Simultaneous production of two containers with different weight or shape
✔ Optimized bottle cost (dedicated preforms with light neck and bottle weight)
✔ High-quality bottles intrinsically clean

ishla mould
ishla mould

Preform Mould

As the world’s second-largest mold maker, ISHLA is able to deliver global tooling programs for new molds or mold conversions from single to 48 cavities. To ensure top quality, every ISHLA mold is tested before shipping on dedicated XFORM machines. Over the years we have developed extensive knowledge of many different applications, even the most specialised ones, from narrow necks to wide mouths and thick walls.

Innovative design of injection components: less wear, lower risk of flashing, better cooling, excellent quality of parting line
Easier filling ability of injection mould thanks to our XMOULD technology which reduces the friction and improves cycle time
Optimized cooling layout to support fast cycle times and save energy costs

Caps Closure Mould

ISHLA launched it’s first cap mold in 2012 & has quickly come up as a reliable source for latest technology,high quality,high productivity & maintenance friendly cap & closure molds.We use high grade steels imported from reknowned European Mills like ASSAB.

Neck finishes: In different specifications ranging from 25mm, 26mm, 28mm, 29/25, 30/25 and 38mm upto 55mm.
Cavitation: 16-48
cavitiesSuitability: Our molds are suitable for different makes of both electric and hydraulic operated closure injection molding
machinesApplications: Beverage such as water, juice and tea drinks. Edible oil, condiment and soya sauce, Cosmetic, health-care products, pharmaceutical and food etc.

Demo Image
Demo Image

Hot Runner Mould

ISHLA has been working continuously to optimize the cost structure of molds equipped with hot runner systems & as a result of our R&D we now offer two options depending on the requirement & budget:

Indigenous Hot Runner System (Hot Plate System) with spring loaded shut off valves at gates in fully balanced Hot Runner Manifold System.

Imported Hot Runner System based on Husky design imported from Canada employing Pneumatic shut off valves at gates in fully balanced Hot Runner System.

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